A place where Beauty meets Health. MeLife&Smile Wellness Center came together with the goal of uniting professionals and people whom seek natural balance, healing, and a place where practices which develop the mind and body come together.

There is always the “no solution – pill taking” phase and the extreme “operate and remove” phase when one seeks for recovery or help with any health issue… regardless of it’s size or type… There is a huge missing gap, the in-between phase, where the body is given the right tools to engage on it’s self-healing and balancing path without first engaging into something that might actually weaken it or make the condition worse, or even sometimes do nothing at all.

MeLife&Smile Wellness Center offers many services and guidance sessions all based on our natural form and natural practices which ensure everlasting or even permanent results.

Our team is composed by qualified Therapists, men and women, whom have dedicated their life into the studies of healing and natural recovery.

Check out our services and special offers and give your body the attention it needs.