“It was a long search before I got to Dr. Bianca. The usual medical protocols didn’t find or change anything. After many years (more than 13) of (almost gotten used to) tiredness I heard about the importance of good nutrition. I always thought that there was nothing really wrong with the way I ate. It sounded too logical, but diving into nutrition was the key.

Bianca’s knowledge helped me to clean my body, to fortify it and to rebuild it through guides that she prepared for me. Not only was I guided and motivated by her, I also learned so much about the things our body needs. It wasn’t always easy, to all of a sudden adapt my eating habits, but I wanted it so badly and already after a week things started to change. A good friend saw changes in my appearance and I felt more energetic than since a long long time, starting my days in the morning with unknown freshness. My skin and hair have a more healthy glow. It was a very interesting time under Bianca’s guidance. Now I have accumulated knowledge and strength to continue in this energised way. Bianca, thank you very much!