“Add code NEW2019 for the payment step in our Booking System to activate 25% Discount for any Special Offer deals…”

Expires March 2019, so hurry, limited offer for the first 50 customers and counting down!

WEEK DEALS – Every Monday and Wednesday, receive a 15% Discount on all 60 minutes Massage Treatments. Discounted during payment at MeLife&Smile Wellness Center.

Discount King Membership – For those with flexibility. Receive 15% discount on all services offered in MeLife&Smile Wellness Center. Annual fee of €225,00. Payment installment available. Essential Oils, Creams and Blends not included.

  1. National Holiday Gifts
  2. 15% Discount on all treatments
  3. Body Health and Facial treatments included

Contact us for more information or purchase membership via our Book Now reservation system.

For those who love to give themselves a weekly pampering treat! Receive annual discount for all of your booked sessions and enjoy our membership treats and gifts! Annual fee €1.199,00 . Don’t miss out on the opportunity of having year long care and balance. Payment installments available, please contact us for more information on this. Membership includes:

  1. Total of 12 Sessions
  2. Free use of Essential Oils during Massage Treatments
  3. National Holiday Gifts
  4. Free Cancellation
  5. 10% Discount for any Body Health Treatments
  6. 15% Discount for any additional Massage Treatments booked within the year*

*Quick treatments (15 and 30 minutes) are not included, as well for Facial Treatments

Those engaging in physical healing and treatment paths. This package was designed to give you an extend access to all treatment combinations necessary to restore your body’s physical and/or emotional health. Annual fee of €2.199,00. Payment installments available, please contact us for more information on this. Includes:

  1. Total of 12 Sessions of Body Health
  2. Total of 12 Nutritional Coaching Session
  3. Total of 12 Massage Sessions
  4. Holiday Gifts
  5. Free use of Essential Oils and House Blends
  6. 15% Discount for any extra Massage Treatments booked within the year*
  7. 10% Discount for any Facial Treatments

*Quick Treatments of 15 and 30 minutes not included.