ArganHigh in Vitamin E and fatty acids, ideal for giving a good boost to your skin, restores elasticity, natural moisturizer, anti-aging, treats dry skin conditions, as well as Acne.
ArnicaReduces pain, increase muscle function, anti-inflammatory. Great for treating sprains, and fractures. Anti-bacterial, increases circulation, amazing for treating Arthritis and other Rheumatic or Pain related disorders
Apricot SeedContains gamma linoleic acid, firms and tones your skin, full of Vitamin A and E which slow down aging process, also anti-inflammatory, amazing for Eczema, Rosascea, and other skin disorders.
GrapeseedContains Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acid. Protects against damage from Environmental Factors such as wind, sun and pollution.
CoconutHigh in healthy saturated fat (good fat) boost fat burning and provide your body and brain with quick nutrients and energy. Also raises good HDL Cholesterol levels which reduces heart risk problems. Anti-inflammatory, skin moisturizer, heals wounds, antimicrobial properties, great for Acne and other skin disorders.
Sweet AlmondLoaded with Vitamin E, keeps skin healthy, protects it from UV attacks, helps your skin look smooth and softens fine lines. Loaded with Vitamin A.


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Water-base Hypoallergenic Massage lotion made with cucumber extract. Excellent for all types of skin, has no added perfum, alcohol, or oils. By LiquiDerma.