For Intake sessions, a skin analysis will be made as well as a review over your dietary needs. To have a healthy skin is to have balance in your digestive system as well. One walks hand-in-hand with the other, so it is very important to approach your skin’s present condition and your present dietary habits altogether for everlasting results. Check out our SPECIAL OFFERS page for amazing deals for Treatment Packages and give your skin the attention it needs to shine everyday!


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Gentle but effective exfoliating treatment that removes old skin cells, dead skin cells and other impurities. Blackhead and whitehead removal is available, if needed, with the use of new technique with suction device which will prevents any harm to your skin. Also clay masks are used to provide your skin with amazing minerals, as well as lightning skin pigmentation and tightening pores. This also allows the blood circulation on your face to be more active, thus stimulating faster regeneration. Organic products and natural products are used in this treatment, no acids, no side-effects!


ORGANIX ACNE TREATMENT – 1hr30min – €90,-

Delightful and smooth acne treatment that regulates your skin sebum (or “oil”) production, treats and clears irritation, smooths out scaring, clears impurities and tightens pores. Treatment composed by light exfoliation (no acids), deep skin wash, combination of masks, massage and moisturizing. Give your skin the attention it deserves without worrying about any product side-effects. 100% Organic and Natural Products ONLY!



Deep cleansing and strong but smooth exfoliation technique, followed by deep tissue facial massage and special mask combination that give your skin a boost on fluids, vitamins, minerals and activates your skin’s circulation. 100% Organic and Natural Products ONLY. This treatment increases cell rejuvenation speed. Perfect to treat uneven skin pigmentation, scarring, collagen decrease, softens expression lines, and adds the glow of summer to your face!


ORGANIX FACIAL BOOST – 45min – €65,-

Pamper your skin with amazing and effective facial mask combination made of 100% Natural Products. Tailored session made specially for your own skin needs.