We are looking for men and women, any ages, with facial skin problems/disorders that wish to participate and receive FREE skin care treatments. ORGANIX Skin Care uses 100% natural products that are specifically chosen to best suit your unique skin needs and treat your skin without causing any damage or side-effects. The beauty of nature!

Forget the acids and chemicals. Natural products can provide the same effect, or stronger if needed, without your body needing to adjust to its ingredients or react upon the substance. In the process you will also learn the use of each chosen product and how to be your own Skin Therapist at the comfort of your home.

How it works:

  1. An intake will be given where we will discuss your goals and other details that are crucial for a successful and lasting results.
  2. Your skin will be analysed with a professional Skin Analysis Device to get a full image and data on your skin’s present condition.
  3. A picture will be taken and used to later compare to the results when the treatment is finished.
  4. A treatment plan will be made depending on the overall data gathered, consisting of up to two sessions per week.

Treatment Composition:

  1. Steaming;
  2. Exfoliating;
  3. Impurity removal (acne, whiteheads, blackheads…) this method does not include harmful techniques such as manually enlarging pores. A professional suction device is used instead;
  4. Mask;
  5. Cleansing;
  6. Healing Mask;
  7. Hydrating
  8. Homework PDFs included. These will teach and guide you with important must-know information on how to improve your skin with a few choice changes in your Nutrition or Lifestyle.


Send us an e-mail with your story, HD pictures of concerned skin areas, and participate. Limited places. WE HAVE ANOTHER 10 PLACES LEFT!

info@melifeandsmile.com with subject ORGANIX Skin Care FREE

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