When it comes to having a good body, straight and aligned and balanced, I have to say that one of the biggest “enemy” here is… GRAVITY. =P

Throughout our whole life, we are shaping who we are and as well how we look on the exterior and interior. But for now, let’s talk about the exterior. During our daily routine, we require a set of movements to use for work, home chores, hobbies and whatever else, so these movements become a pattern your body will tend to take when it’s moving without purpose. Let’s get more specific. If you work on a desk profession, sitting and using your arms on a 90 degree angle, up and down movements or only wrist to hand movements, waist (not hip) moving from side to side, head leaning forward and backwards… and you are spending over 40hrs a week on this repetitive movement cycle, well, it’s only logic to conclude that your body’s movements are limited to the movements you need to perform during most of the hours you spend awake, and whenever you do move differently or use a set of muscles that you normally wouldn’t, that would end up someday whether on an “Ouch!” situation or “Can do it, but argh…” moment.

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Someone as such would have problems rotating the arm, using hips properly (while walking, or doing anything on a upwards position), lifting objects would be a torment… And bla bla bla. The older we get, by the year, the older the body too, remember that!

To get to the point. If you don’t fully use your body’s potential of movement and power, your body will not waste it’s time in keeping itself straight, flexible, and reliable to random movement. Our bones are flexible to an extend that they will begin to bend and shape to the main movement demands it has.

Hunchback, crocked spine, spontaneous cracking, fractures, disproportional alignments or limb growth, your height (you can become shorter)… so much more. Your joints will also lose their power to hold your limbs together. Wait a second! Don’t freak out! Your arm, leg or whatever won’t just fall off of you, but, considering the matter, it will be very likely that if you don’t have the potential strength, dislocating or having weak joints will be a very high possibility.

We all possess something called The Core Muscles… to be more simple I will use this label instead of muscle’s scientific names. This muscles are the ones that keep you up and together, sometimes a body builder can still have very weak core muscles because his/her training focuses mainly on surface muscle tissues. While a small person can whoop someone 4 times his/her size like there is no tomorrow… yep. It ain’t magic but common biology!

Core muscles ensure we are up, running, moving, and reaching vast physical limits, they allow us to have body’s motor functions work for us. Once we loose that power in these muscles, well, there won’t be much power to hold us together, would there?

And here is where Gravity plays its menace role. We give into gravity’s pull and begin to shrink from inside out. The weight of our insides begin to overtake the muscles capability and begin to bend our bone structure, and this can happen also while sitting on that comfy chair/couch, just sitting!… There is not much science out there to explain this. I mean, we can just look at trees and observe how this happens. We also tend to bend and shape a tree to look as we please in our garden or at the side walks of a busy city…

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The good news about this is that we can totally bend our bones back to place. It’s not a miracle work or magic. It’s won’t be just a couple of treatments to fix this, but with persistence, discipline and will… all is possible. I had many cases of hunchback formation, misshaping of the neck and limbs, box effect (when shoulders are high enough to “hide” your neck…) which the client and I were able to recover a great percentage of their natural posture and core strength. Some cases are faster than others, specially if these deformaties are dealt with in their initial stages… and some cases that took me couple of years…

Couple of years sounds like a lot… but not when it comes to living the rest of your life without pain and having the ability to move and love as you please. Not to forget that it takes one’s lifetime to shape their bone structure. Special exercises and dietary changes are needed for this process to happen well, and there is no way someone should attend to bend themselves back straight, cracking or forcing physical recovery is a poison full of side effects and these methods should never been taken as a solution.  Anyone that is undergoing these structural issues won’t be able to tell or feel what straight is or which muscles to use while moving a specific part of the body… they need assistance…

Just like it takes years to shape your body to what it is today, it can also take some time to shape it back to it’s natural form. But, it’s NOT impossible…

More on this in a future article… stay tune!

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