Today while I was in the food store with my two youngest sons, the oldest asked me:

“Mom, why do all these people buy so many cancerous foods?” He was pointing at the people that had soda drinks, bread spreads, sweets and candy bags, … (a lot of crap). I have to say I was not surprised at all with his question and reaction to barely seeing any greens in people’s shopping baskets. When we arrive at the supermarket, the first thing my kids do is get a handful of green beans from the vegetables section and eat them raw while we go around the store. Sometimes I even hear someone saying to them that is bad for their health, and when I get the chance at looking in their baskets or carts, I can only see butter, cheeses, ready-to-eat foods, sauces, dairy products… Nothing raw, nothing that was once alive, or maybe too far modified to even consider the food has a trace of oxygen in it…

Who here doesn’t love to eat something sweet? You might not be a sweetholic but I’m positively sure that there are those rare times that when you do decide to eat something sweet, you enjoy it to the fullest! Come on, it’s only natural… after all the body does use sugar as a source of energy…

Now, wait a second, before you decide to understand this as “Hey, sugar is healthy then!” kind of mentality, don’t be mistaken that language is the source of many, really, many problems and mistakes, including understanding the nature of how something works.

In one hand, sugar is found in all natural foods, and on the other hand, sugar is also a man made product used in almost all industrialized products… Words can really create such chaos, how is it that using one word to represent many things be allowed in this way? The misunderstand on this Sugar subject is sooooo huge that not even health care professionals can decide what kind of sugar is good for their patients to consume, among many other things too. Image result for dried fruits vs candy

One day I was watching a really amazing seminar on YouTube about Sugar and Recent Studies… I just couldn’t stop watching it… and this is not because of the subject itself (I’ve read, studied and overly repeatedly heard over and over the same things, in different words, I mean there are just so many ways of describing one truth…), but the true reason why I couldn’t take my eyes off was because, well, here we are, listening to a seminar about the horrors of man made Sugar and the same person giving this speech is an overly obese woman that has clear signs of diabetes, high blood pressure (among other things…)… I was just shocked.

Even with the truth already out there, we choose to slap a blind eye, or more like an open mouth, to a complete opposite direction.

Natural sugar is and always will be different than man made sugar. The sugar nature has to offer us has been perfectly composed to be compatible to our body’s metabolism. Hence why as well that our body produces energy out of sugars. I think this was the excuse the marketing and media sector found to launch a campaign to empower this man made poison, the industrialized sugar.

Eating dried fruits, sugar cane, nuts, sweet vegetables and legumes, among other options of natural sweet foods will not at any point harm your body… mmm well that is, there is always the law of “Too much of anything equals disbalance…”

Industrialized products all contain sugar, man made sugar. An acid and toxic product composed by different chemicals, that will destroy your body and brain. I can safely say that sugar IS by far one of the most addicting drugs, or call it chemical if that makes you more comfortable, that man has so far created… Aaand, is legal! …. if you allow me to say it, what the heck..?

There is no such thing as man made sugar in nature… because it simply doesn’t exist. Otherwise sand could be the dusty sugar instead, or rocks could be hard chunks of unrefined sugar… Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Anyone?

Image result for refined sugar vs natural sugar

So, next time you buy a sweet sugar product, think to yourself, is there such product growing on trees, sprouting, swimming, running, or being produced out there in nature? If the answer is no, you can be sure that the only reason why this product is available to consume is to generate money out of you. There is a huge “market” that profits out of selling poison to people, if it’s not making the Food Industries profit, well think bigger, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Industry… just to name a couple…

Sugar is one of the leading reasons to many diseases… MANY DISEASES, and those include not just the physical disorders/diseases but as well as mental disorders, emotional disorders.

Of course you can consume and delight yourself with sweet foods! But there are so many ways of preparing and eating healthy sweets rather than buying a dessert of sweet coming out of the factory…

There you go, finally got it out of my head… I woke up with this subject stuck in my head for the past few days after watching that seminar about man made sugar… It was just shocking.

More articles on sugar coming soon! Share your thoughts…

What do you think kills more people in a year time: Sugar OD or Cocaine OD?

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