Did you know your body feels more pain internally than what you actually feel or even if you don’t feel it. Feeling pain is something completely different than the internal pain your body deals with in a daily basis. We have this perfect machine that operates in the smallest details, and to make our life smooth and comfortable, this machine of ours numbs unnecessary pain (that does not come physical injuries) to such a level that we don’t consciously feel it.

Yes, I know, what happens when you DO feel pain?

There is the pain we have from an impact/bang, and there is also the pain that comes from an excess/deficient state your body may be enduring and when it is not able to destroy it, it’s when it sends the message to your brain like “hey, I am trying but the problem needs extra solutions” which then produces the sensation of pain that you can actually feel it, so then you can help by doing something about it! Get it?

Ok, here is another example…

When we are kids our bones grow and stretch in such a continous way, and though many people don’t know this but bone growth causes internal pain. This internal pain, as a child, is express as hyperactivity and other manifestations which I will definitely make a special post on that in early future. A child only feels growth pain if there is a problem with their physical alignment, abnormal growth, damage tissue, physical misuse, or trauma of any level or kind. Besides that, all that internal pain cause from your bones stretching and hardening is completely numbed our of your conscious. Isn’t that interesting?!

Now think about the use of morphine-products like aspirin, pain killers and all that junk! Taking that stuff is just increasing your morphine levels to a point that your body will stop producing it’s own and be depended on the chemical form of the morphine. Why would your body produce something if its actually receiving it from another source, a pill. So now we face a huge dilemma, if your body decides to stop producing morphine all together, wouldn’t you agree when I say that you will end up feeling more pain than usual? Yes, you will agree, because that is exactly what happens.

You can though find ways to increase and strengthen your body to be more effective with dealing with pain rather than increasing it. Even treating the issue that is giving you pain altogether… Let’s have a talk, schedule a consultation and you will receive all the details regarding your unique needs and solutions to dealing with your pains.

Share your thought below: What’s worst, a never ending migraine or drinking more than 2 liters of water?

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