You were young, and all you felt was freedom… Freedom of laughter, freedom of thoughts, freedom of movement… You memories drift you back to times you and the world held hands together. Playing and singing were your daily task and all else passed as easy as a sunny Sunday breeze…

But now you lost the grip, and the hand that you held is not there anymore, it’s hard to reach, impossible to hold tight. With every effort you make, your body aches and your fall further behind and soon you loose sight of what once made you smile… All you feel and see is pain and a reflection of a temple in ruins.

This is how many, too many of my Rheumatic Patients felt like. Unable to enjoy their body movements, deprived of all joyful things in life and having pain as an intruder to all emotions. It’s not an easy life and it can be a real difficult road to walk through. The stress and the pain the body feels internally affects how a person can perceive their life and surroundings, and for those that experience this every single day can destroy the joy they feel.


There are truly NOT a lot the medicinal world can do to cure you from this. NO! No despair here! It’s is not an everlasting curse and it shouldn’t be. Rheumatic disorders are not the end of the world or your life. You can reverse the clock and feel your body with pleasure and ease again. You CAN recover!

Even when the Rheumatic Disorder has progress too far ahead and it might even have deformed your body somehow, BUT STILL, you CAN work this out! Of course there is no miracle button to press here, if your body has reached a deformed stage, there are some things we cannot change, but the problem, the discomfort, the root of this disorder can be removed forever and stop anything to further develop.

Pharmaceutically speaking, there is nothing your Doctor can give you to cure your problem. There is absolutely very little pharmaceutical or medical options here, and most of then deal with the side-effects of Rheumatic Disorders, like the thousand different pain killers. Sometimes it can even get so extreme to the point of surgery… NO! DON’T! Don’t slice your body up, deal with the problem instead. Everything our body develops is an image of what we do with it. And Rheumatism is nothing special besides that.

Body needs movement, nourishment, attention, rest, feelings, challenges (good challenges). One’s constitution is built differently than the other. Even if you have a Twin Sibling, you ARE NOT EQUALS. How you deprive your body from it’s needs will definitely define how your body will develop for the needs you want from it…

The answer is simple and you can do it with baby steps. Seems too good to be true, but it is what it is. We can throw as many technical words to describe a problem, but the problem is still it, a problem. 



The main thing you need for good articulations/joints is

A. Good Circulation

B. Good Body Fuel (food and water)

C. Movement

D. Rest

Analyze the quality of these 4 items in your life. Which is weaker or stronger than the other? Do you have enough rest, do you eat too much of something, do you use your body’s movement freely, …? Once you scratched a few things out of that list, you can begin by improving the weakest point and work your way from there.




All my Rheumatic Patients showed fast, sometimes extremely fast improvement with these small changes, and full recovery after a few months of Consultation. Some others, with advanced stages of Rheumatism, were able to reduce pain and recover mobility.

The bottom line here is that once you develop such condition due to lifestyle choices, you know then, that your lifestyle choices aren’t doing you good, in fact, they are breaking you. What’s the best and most direct answer to this? Change whatever it is that you are doing.

Schedule a Consultation session and have all the guidance and support you’ll need in your path to physical freedom.


Download the PDF about Rheumatism for more information and tips.


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