Here I was, chopping vegetables over the kitchen counter, thinking and wondering about life when I was caught, stuck in a thought… That thought was carrots! How is it that carrots are so orange? They have never been orange before… although the Easter bunny looks extremely adorable chewing on a long orange carrot, it was never that way.

Carrots were, are suppose to be completely different than what we are used to seeing. And so are many other foods. It’s not a thing to be paranoid about, at least not so much to shift your life out of the rails. If it still grows out of the ground there are still very important nutrients in these goods, but nonetheless, genetically modified… It does sound a bit extreme, and sometimes scary. Just think about it, some of the “biological” food that we eat is genetically modified, it’s like a person being produced straight out of a scientist’s lab. Frankenstein Food? Anyone?

And why is this happening? Because well it increases growth, growth speed, decreases decay rate, enhances specific components the food contains, makes it “pest” resistent, produces more sick people (adds a flavor to the needs of Pharmaceutical System) and bla bla bla… There is a list of reasons to why GM have approved and used more often than not. The natural food is not natural anymore…

(a resumed and short list of GM Foods that we think are totally organic)

It is something to ring a loud alarm bell… Here is my head thinking about all the possibilities that the future can bring regarding how things are today. In a way it’s always a 50-50 situation, there is a chance that it turns out good or bad. Maybe this technology can help us save the world and ourselves, or, do exactly what is doing at this present moment, feed the massive crowd with fuel to crash.

The world is not getting any healthier, and even though we have a bigger group of people becoming more and more conscious of the matter, there is still a big gap to actually making faster and more balanced changes. Food industries are a factory of sicknesses, and the more “sophisticated” it gets, the more mysteries arise and more Medical researches show up to fill a demand of disorders and misery that never seems to diminish.

I mean, it’s a simple thing right?

If all food was healthy, then why would anyone get sick?

Body does not live without oxygen, water or nutrients… What happens when the food we eat for nutrients we need is actually burning out your body’s oxygen and some many other many things, and killing you faster than speed of life?

More on this in a future article…

What is your thought over the fact our century is feeding poison to it’s own people? Share your thoughts and story and be part of a conscious community!

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