There has been a lot of fuzz (buzz?) made over this subject. Tinnitus… what it is, what triggers it, how to treat it or suffer the untreatable and spend the rest of your life enduring such annoying ear poltergeist… yep, like I said, a lot of fuzz has been made about this little symptom and turns out that now a days, everyone believes it’s an actual disease, a never-ending curse, an ear deffect… something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives with…

All specialists have been seen, all types of medications have been tested, all miracle promising therapies have been scheduled… and no matter what you do, this little annoying sound just won’t shut itself off…

No, you are not cursed, and even though you did all you could have done, there is still one thing left … have you check what YOU, yourself, have been doing lately?

 Tinnitus is NOT a disease or a physical dysfunction, unless you have somehow really damage your ear organ. Besides that, Tinnitus is only a SYMPTOM.

Wait, let’s rewind back to the beginning…


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Tinnitus is nothing more and nothing less than a symptom your body produces to let you know your OVERDOING or NOT DOING enough of what you should be doing with you body. Makes sense? It will in a couple of paragraphs.

Scientific and Medicinal Studies have explained a lot (more like nothing) about what happens when a person has Tinnitus, and how Tinnitus can develop. There is no denying that yes, these researches have given us, medicine professionals, and as well everyone else out there in the world, a whole lot of understanding in the Tinnitus subject. But nevertheless, still the cause, the beginning of how Tinnitus starts, the root of it all, can be a mystery… not really!

Now, I want you to understand that all sensory organs (eyes, ear, mouth…) also receive nutrients and minerals from the food and fluids you ingest, and stimuli from what you do during your day. What you do and what you eat defines the general health of your vital organs, and your vital organs’ health define the quality of functions your body produces for you, including your sensory organs…

So, with that said, for example, if you are doing too much (regardless of what), your vital organs need more nourishment than, lets say a more secondary organ like your eyes or ears, right? Like using your muscles. Thus your body will concentrate on your muscles, right? Yes, correct. Other parts of your body that don’t really help with that activity will be kind of a secondary priority.

And here is how the body thinks. Something is being used more than something else, so my attention will be on the “something that is more used” than that other thing that is not really important at the moment… Although your body will put aside a lot of its attention to secondary needs, it will still nourish and tend to them nonetheless, but with less effort. When the body is done refueling it’s vital organs to keep you alive and functioning for whatever it is that you are using your body. How CAN the body keep everything healthy if its prioritizing? Easy, by having good quantities and quality of nutrients, minerals, water… Even if it prioritizes, your body still tends to every single cell in your body, it only stops doing that if the body has nothing more (nutrients, minerals, water) to give.

It’s logical to understand that of course your minor organs will not function perfectly than the rest of your body if you have some secrets in your health closet. And THAT is exactly what TINNITUS and many, so many other disorders/diseases are! A symptom of a disbalanced lifestyle. It is NOT AN EAR PROBLEM!


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor tinnitus

  1. Identify the cause of your Tinnitus

These are simple: there are just a few things you need to consider when you play detective with your body. First know and understand your symptoms. Below you will find a list a common symptoms that will be present if you have developed Tinnitus, this list belongs to two main groups. The Deficient type and the Excessive type. One or more symptoms can be present at the same time. It really depends on how far along your body has been enduring it’s disbalance.

A. Deficient Lifestyle: Other symptoms linked vertigo, dizziness, constipation, sore back, night sweats, insomnia, dry eyes/mouth/throat, impatience, dark urine, restlessness, fatigue, aversion to heat, shallow breathing, deep breaths, weak or stiff joints, disturbed dreams, weak voice, spontaneous sweating during daytime, catch flu/cold easily, pale complexion, poor appetite, indigestion, loose stools, prolapse of the stomach/uterus/anus/vagina, frequency or urgency to urinate,

B. Excessive Lifestyle: Other symptoms linked are heaviness of body/head, dizziness, poor appetite, stuffy chest, mucus (can be nasal), pain in specific location(s) (stabbing or severe pain), dark complexion, purple lips and/or nails, headaches and/or migraines, irritability, explosive anger, dizziness, bitter taste in mouth, red eyes and/or face, constipation, dreaming too much.

Also, it is extremely normal for your body to develop Tinnitus as a side symptom if your body has been chronically ill (sick for a prolonged time). It’s is a very natural thing since your body is being depleted during sickness, getting weaker and weaker. What is very important during and after a chronic ill phase is to reboot and reboost yourself, kick it back to balance!

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NOTE: Mostly, Tinnitus develops out of deficient reasons (eat too little, drink too little, do too little). Ask yourself this question, do you have too much or too little of anything in your life? When you are able to answer that question, you also will find the source (the starting cause) of your Tinnitus development. Whatever you answered, do the opposite. If you work too much, you HAVE to start working less, if you feel tired you WILL need to rest more, if you eat too much/little, you will have to eat less/more, if you feel too much learn to neutralize these emotions constructively… Get it?

       2. Fix the problem, not the symptom

Forget the sound, it’s there, it’s ringing, it’s buzzing, or your going through an endless windy tunnel. The alarm has been sound and it won’t stop until you put out the fire first. Truth is, most of the times someone develops Tinnitus and seeks for easy pharmaceutical solutions, you are actually damaging your Ear Organ instead of treating it. There is nothing wrong with your ear… in fact, using any medication to correct your Tinnitus WILL eventually injure your ear, and for real.

Yes, it’s true, there are less intrusive approaches that DO have amazing effects over Tinnitus, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, but nonetheless, BE NOT MISTAKEN, these are all still superficial techniques, they aid the body to assist in the balancing recovering procedure, but these ARE NOT the healing tools that will wipe out your Tinnitus problems. You still HAVE to deal with the fact that some of the choices you are making in your lifestyle are NOT good for you. The sooner you accept this, and make changes happen, the faster you will get rid of that annoying bell, broken record curse… and it is PERMANENTLY…




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