I loooove the smell of coffee in the morning. It’s such a nice morning call, specially if your husband or wife is the one preparing it while your still in bed.

Here at home the only reason we use coffee is for medicinal purposes or for a nice morning fragance around the house. Besides that, coffee is literally something that does not come accross our daily menus.


Simple, it’s poison!

It’s literally the fuel for all the things you don’t want to handle. Emotions going crazy, hormones running lose, energy that reaches up high then extremely down low… Pft, there are like hundreds of REAL reason to why Coffee should be labelled as poison. Just think of it this way, would you take Aspirin, Paracetamol, Brufen just as much as you would drink coffee? Mmmm hopefully not =)

Vicious Cycle of Stimulants

All stimulants are the same and cause the same body reactions, in different dregrees of course but nonetheless, coffee is by far worse than all other legally consumed stimulants. I have meet people who would consume about 8 cups a day. Sometimes, most of the times, these people would be very hectic, speak extremely enthusiastic or extremely lethargic… it’s a big difference when comparing someone who drinks a lot of coffee and is just reaching the peak of tolerance, with someone that has already consumed so much coffee that the body is reacting with aversion to it.

Fact is, a lot of people develop coffee intolerance and these are easy symptoms to catch. But because of the trend it has created, people go on consuming coffee without even knowing about the major cons about it. Can you believe some doctors give the advice to drink coffee if you tell him/her you are feeling tired during your day?

Yep, that’s how bad this trend has gotten, up to the point that even health professionals put aside what they have studied and learned to fit the standards of society and food industries trends…

Image result for coffee and adrenal glands

BE NOT MISTAKEN! Coffee is poison if you consume it daily… even if you are still drinking 1 cup… No. Stop! One cup everyday, that means a lot of unnecessary adrenaline your body tries to figure out how to deal with.

Plus, if you are someone developing skin problems, emotional and/or psychological disbalances, digestive disorders, or even intestinal related disorders… you might want to check how much coffee you are drinking. Stopping the consumption of coffee can even heal and permanently cure a lot, and I will say this again, A LOT of unnecessary disorders… both physical and psychological!



  1. anxiety
  2. insonmia
  3. digestive issues
  4. muscle breakdown
  5. addiction
  6. high blood pressure
  7. heart disorders
  8. fatigue
  9. urinary tract infection
  10. bleeding disorders
  11. diarrhea
  12. glaucoma
  13. thinning bones (osteoporosis)
  14. muscle twitching
  15. dehydration
  16. cardiac arrest
  17. coma
  18. death (yes! there is such a thing as caffeine overdose)
  19. stomach ulcers
  20. constipation
  21. and so so so much more!

After all of this you’ve just read… do you still think Coffee is good?


What is your love story with coffee and how did you breakup this addicting relationship? Share your experience and help someone break the habit!

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