What can I say about fevers?! To give a simple intro about fevers…

They are annoying, yes they are. Specially when you have a family to take care of, whether is the children, husband/wife, or you having a fever… Regardless of the situation, it is definitely something no one enjoys. But! There is good news out of this hot pot… If you have a fever, that means your body is fighting off something that would cause you harm like a virus, bacteria, or infection.

Fevers, of any kind, is a sign your body’s defenses are working out something that is not right. Whether its superficial or internal (check article What Symptoms Means What…), it means your body has identified the “attacker” and is engaging on an epic battle!

Before the battle is over though, your body needs to reach its peak of defense and gather all it’s soldiers (fever rising) so then it can launch it’s final attack (when the fever starts to descend again). Of course though, you need to take in consideration your general health condition and keep in mind that if you interfere with this process by breaking down your fever too soon using pharmaceutical “solutions”, the illness can take longer to be eliminated.

A fever does not cause brain damage, epilepsy, or any other serious problems that you normally hear about. Brain damage it’s caused from brain damage and not the fever itself, the fever is just a symptom of the brain that is already damaged. If you have other disbalances or discomforts that follow the fever, contact your doctor. Otherwise…

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

FIRST Know if your fever is just a reaction to a simple disbalance or if it’s related to a more serious cause. In case your fever does come from other causes, contact your doctor as soon as possible. I also advise to use the information in this blog to deal with the problem effectively

It is VERY, no wait, EXTREMELY possible to keep that fever under control. Mainly, you have to allow the body to manifest the fever. Fever = Fighting Bad Crap. All you have to do is give your body EXTRA TOOLS to keep your body’s defense mechanism strong!

Feed those soldiers to battle!!!

Putting in other words, whenever you have a fever, work out what is causing it and give your body all the nutrients and water it needs. Don’t focus on the fever itself. It’s only a symptom of whatever it is already in you. And to help you out, in this Article I will teach you amazing and fast applied solutions, chemical-free, and extremely wallet friendly.

You can also buy some of the products which I, myself, use @ home, with friends and patients. Don’t rush into Brufen, Paracetamol, or other pharmaceutical or medicinal approaches unless is extremely needed. Every time you intervene with your body’s natural defense you are weakening it more and more, and one day, well, one day it can all go to … crap. More on this on a further post =)

Checkout the article Superfoods For A Superlife to find amazing and powerful natural medicine that will give the TOOLS your body is needing.


A fever can take up to 3 days before it starts to cool down, normally on the third day it already starts to show improvement, it all depends on the cause and how you are taking care of your body during this period, so avoid anything that can trigger more reactions. Remember, a fever is just a normal reaction from your body fighting off bacteria and viruses…







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