All discomforts the body goes through are DEFINED by only 6 natural sources, The 6 Pillars of Sickness Development. These pillars are hot and/or cold, deficient or excessive, internal or external. Of course many other things comes to play when a disease develops or mutates, but let’s start simple and from the beginning. We can get to the other buts and ifs after we first understand, but truly understand, what the heck happens with our body to allow sickness to develop.

If you are able to identify precisely what is going on with your body and it’s conditioning, you are creating a SHORTCUT to treating directly whatever it is triggering, starting or developing that disorder and PREVENT any further manifestation by DESTROYING what is breaking your body. And all of this is done with extremely natural and simple approaches, which give no other side effects for your body to deal with. You don’t need a PHd. or a Biology degree to know YOUR own body, just the know-hows!

Before jumping into a promised miracle solution, pharmaceuticals, self-medicating or something that will rule out any suggestions that your body is not balanced, because it is, FIRST lets go back a little bit, to the understanding and pin point the source of the problem.


The 6 Pillars of Sickness are the base of all sickness development.


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All sicknesss has a temperature nature, this means that the sickness will develop or grow or progress with a specific temperature it is being exposed to. To understand this better lets use the example of an infection. If you measure the heat from an infected area on your body the temperature will be much higher than the rest of the body. Or when you have a flu, you are prone to feeling more chill than usual or not liking the feeling of a breezy and/or cold drinks (obviously since you are already feeling cold!)…

This is soo important when it comes to deciding the course of treatment you will take to get rid of whatever it is that is messing you up. If you treat a sickness using things that can stimulate the wrong core temperature, this will without a doubt worsen it. Ever wondered why sometimes a simple low grade fever can rise or remain for days on end?

Never treat the sickness with the same temperature it stimulates. A fever caused by summer heat can be fatal if also treated with products or techniques that will raise your body temperature. Can’t fight fire with fire… You must first cut the fuel source so later you can extinguish the fire.

There are times also that is possible for the initial starting temperature to mutate to its opposite. A cold related sickness can become a heat sickness if it is not attended to in good timing.

Huh? How is that even possible?

FireWaterThink about it like this: if you hold ice for a long period, at some point the ice will burn you or give a burning sensation, or at some point, even give you fever. Talking about heat related disorders: let’s think of fire burning wood. The fire at some point will consume the wood it’s burning until there isn’t anything left to burn and PUFF! Go out. If there is no fuel for the fire to keep burning, well buddy, you will have a cold night ahead of you. Get the picture…?

It is not that difficult once you start understand or feeling your body consciously and more presently, and there are very quick ways to pin point the temperature nature of a disorder…

Keep reading to understand how!




Disorders will develop from whether the body is having or doing too much or too little of something. And this can be applied to everything, whether it is your lifestyle, exercising routines (if any), foods, feelings…. well, anything and everything.

If the body and your lifestyle has a neutral balance then, well, you will also be in balance and there wouldn’t be anything to complain about, agreed? Yes, agreed!

But if it is not so, well, then if there IS something that is not right, then something is not right, right?

It is easier for you to know if you are having an excessive or deficient lifestyle if you just take a moment and reflect on yourself and what you have been doing. Not that doctors don’t have such knowledge, but unless you like to ping pong from specialist to specialist and maybe, just maybe one day, find the answer to YOUR OWN UNIQUE situation, you will have to expand your understanding a bit further. Do you have any type of abundance in your life (foods, exercising, working, feelings…). If I would make it even more basic I would simply define EXCESSIVE and DEFICIENT LIFESTYLES as: are you feeling like a slowpoke or like Speedy Gonzales?

Making it even more simple. If you feel slow, tired, lack of motivation, cold or other things that are related to being down/depressed/solid in any way, are defined as DEFICIENT disorders.

Anything else opposite to that can be defined as an EXCESSIVE disorder.

The temperature nature and type of a disorder walk hand in hand and one doesn’t exist without the other. This means that when you classify whether the disorder is of HOT nature, you will also define if that HOT nature was induced by EXCESSIVE or DEFICIENT reasons.

Now we are getting somewhere…

So you already know the temperature of your discomfort AND what has triggered it. Now let’s find out where it all began!


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This basically means exactly what it says. The disorder can be developed and located internally (affecting organs, bones and other internal/vital parts of your body) due to organs not properly functioning or being damaged. This deprives the body from working properly and symptoms may develop more severely than an external disorder. A more direct approach and/or intervention will have to be considered here.

Or it can be external/superficial, which makes it easier to control and remove it, most times, permanently.

Keep in mind that all disorders and discomforts need to reach their peak of manifestation before the body engages it’s healing processes. We can NEVER stop something from developing before it actually develops. If we do that, we are limiting our immune system to actually function when it has to. You definitely don’t want to make your life into a plastic bubble. More on that later.

Once the body has reached the peak then it will be able to identify how it will work the disorder out. Anything else besides that the body will react like “OK, what is it that you want me to do here. I still don’t know where this disorder is going…”





If you are able to identify and recognize where your discomfort is coming from, your nutrition and routines will HAVE to adjust during the time of sickness, or in some cases forever and it might sound like something you say Ow No to. But!… if the life you are living at this moment has brought you this discomfort/disease, then that lifestyle is not meant for you… Simple, isn’t it?

Given that, I guess whatever changes and sacrifices you need to make in your lifestyle will come for the better and you and your conscious state can only positively benefit from that. Thumbs up to a healthy and long life!

Again, as I mentioned before in other articles, you need to give the right tools for your body to lead itself on its own healing/recovering procedures. Not add extras or drown your body with chemicals on its weakest moment because at some point your body will definitely get back at you for being so poisoned. It’s like when you replace your immune system with something else frequently and at one point it will say “why do I have to go to work if there is something else that does it for me?” Thus becoming weaker and weaker and prone to getting more fucked up!

There are many ways the body manifests disorders. A lot of times people suffer from the same disorder (what comes from the same place) but are given different names thus making the list of diseases out there bigger and bigger by passing generations, and the options of treatment, well as crappy crap can be, and as expensive as precious diamonds, unrealistic… the focus gets lost, easily lost, and well that’s where a lot goes wrong…

So to PREVENT all that trouble, let’s get simple. Identify The 6 Pillars of Sickness and get treating.





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