It might seems like all Hocus Pocus or hippie “junk” when we hear colors can influence us or cause our body and emotions to react differently, sometimes even change a person. But the honest truth is that well, is true =P

Everything that exists in this planet, whether it has a heart beat or just compacted matter, like rocks for example, just everything has a vibrational frequency. Now how can we understand this without taking any scientific, cultural sides, religious or medicinal, or having the need to get a PHD to understand exactly what this means. I will tell you, and it’s actually very simple.


What is Vibrational Frequency and why is this important for me to know?


Everything is made of particles, or matter, that take different forms or shapes depending on how fast they are moving. So we have solid matter, that can be any given SOLID object, then we have liquid matter (very clear there), and then we have the “invisible” matter like oxygen, wind, clouds, electrons, neutrons, all those elements we just can’t seem to memorize from our chemistry class back in high school. Periodic Table.

To truly say, there are millions of things our eyes is not able to detect or “see”, specially the vibrational frequency of all existing things. Of course, now a days we have amazing scientific and high tech gadgets and machines that can detects most of this invisible matter as well as their vibrational frequency or the influence something might have over the others. Colors play a major role when you are marketing or advertising products, or when decorating a commercial room. They also play a major role in nature’s own marketing system, for instance, animals know what to eat based on color, shape, location their food grows, or what kind of animal they are dealing with, whether is a poisonous creature or not… they are numerous examples I can give, besides scientific evidence, that color is extremely important to keep our physical and mental balance in good state.


Coming back to the subject. There are concrete and substantial reasons to why colors exist otherwise all would be one shade (still a color), and nature has a perfect and meaningful interaction with all them.

For instance what colors do you tend to wear more, what’s the most seem color in your wardrobe, your refrigerator, your meal around your house and things you own? Are the colors on darker shades, light/pastel shades, earth colors, warm colors, fresh/cold colors? If you notice a pattern, that says something about the vibrational frequency you are emitting in your present life.


Now, how can we put this information into good use?


No. 1 Colors will show how our psychological, physical and present state of mind is

This basically means that how we are feeling, inside and out, will reflect on the colors that are present around us. Sometimes when we become sad/grief/depressed/down we might tend to wear colors that are numb such as grey, black, white, pastel. Now if we are feeling the opposite well, then dressing up becomes fun, diverse and somewhat more colorful. As well when we feel sick like a fever, we will become flushed/red, or a flu pale, yellow and/or grey (that is NOT related to your blood or pigmentation).

No. 2 Colors can stimulate our psychological and present state of mind.

If colors can help one understand how they or someone else is feeling, they can also be used to help someone improve their state of mind and emotional balance. Try to experiment this one out, if you are able to lock yourself in a empty with only solid color painting on all 4 walls, make a note of how that made experience made you feel. For example a fully black room, full red room, orange room, blue room… Did this colored room make you feel inspired, sad, heavy, excited, anxious?

It would be nice to have places like this for us to go once in a while and access our color needs.

No. 3 Colors can be used to engage the body into recovering procedure.

Unless you want me to go over a whole scientific explanation or engage into a holistic philosophical tale to explain the reasons to why color can physically interact with our body, allow me to keep it simple by saying that they just do, period. Just like why some plants are eatable and some are not, because it’s the way it is (defined by nature). Sometimes we have to stop looking for a proof to everything we come across and just accept the significance of it’s existence just the way they are and present themselves.

Scientific view for those still interested into an evidence proved theory: all things that emit some type of energy is measured by the unit of length called Namometre. This method expresses dimension on an Atomic scale and its also used to specify wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, in other words, light and colors. Our eyes and brain is only able to “see” whatever measures between wavelengths of 390 to 700 nm (namometer). SO there is a lot happening with colors out there that we can’t even see.

Taking that in consideration some brilliant fellow professionals have tested colors (even though our body can already naturally respond to how color affects it) and came to the conclusion that:

No. 4 Understand the meaning of colors.

Color of Objects
Right click and open image in a new Tab or Window to enlarge.

No. 5 Time to pick a color.

We can use colors to better our mood by choosing to be surrounded, use objects or wear clothes that stimulate our emotional needs. When we tend to feel gloomy our unconscious choice will always lead to a darker shade of a color, no matter what the color is, blue, black, green… Choose the opposite. Sometimes this happens naturally, without us noticing, and sometimes we must push ourselves to break our own “bad” habits. If you are feeling too down, use a bright color that stimulates your “energy” to be more active, more positive. If we are feeling too much (hyperactive, irritated, angry, manic =) use more neutral/pastel colors to bring your mind/energy levels down.

If we are facing a moment of illness, low physical performance, or even recovering from an ailment, there are colors that can help stimulate glands, hormone emission, strengthen body response by just exposing the affected area with the proper color option. Selecting our foods by their natural color and form will also increase your body’s healing strength.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor science and beesScience is not older than nature itself, so we can’t expect that science will explain everything, not forgetting that also science was something “created” by humans and is none the less conclusions built on opinions that are supported by chosen evidence that fit the purpose of explanation. A lot of this scientific discoveries have done wonders in helping people in many many ways, or bettering many people’s life, but also it deviates the simple truth about many things, specially when nature is a strong standing variable in the theory to be tested.

As of today, by science laws, a bee wouldn’t possibly be able to fly because the size of their wings can’t sustain such heavy bodies. But the bees don’t care what we humans have to say about them, they extend their tiny wings and fly away anyways with most gracious moves.



to be continued…


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