There are many wonderful data available to the public about Prevention techniques and how to handle alarming symptoms that could be linked to a possible breast cancer. But in a way, these methods are still not helping educating women and men on what they can do over their daily routines to prevent even the smallest lump to arise or any worries to linger in whether or not you might develop a future cancer.

There are many things we use on our daily basis that can allow our body to develop the right conditions for cancer growth. For you to understand a bit more about how cancer develops, you can check my article The Primary Reason for Cancer vol.1.

Just to resume and to make it simple, cancer cells are nothing more than “dead” cells lingering around our body (whether they have naturally died, or died due to unnatural causes) that can accumulate on certain areas of the body, therefore causing a specific type of cancer (kidney, intestinal, stomach…). Technically, a lot needs to happen before these conditions occur, but regardless, cancer develops in areas that are weaker than others.

Breasts have a great amount of glands, lymphs and others… making these area quite sensitive if damaged. Daily things such as bras, tight shirts, deodorants, perfumes, creams, soaps, shaving with blades, waxing, and/or any hard stimulation towards this area will definitely damage  it somehow.

An important thing, Bras and deodorants can be extremely harmful. Time and time again I have had patients whose Bras were extremely tight around the waist and sometimes I would even find bruising marks on the side of the breast or under the armpit due to the over stimulation from the Bra’s metal frames. Besides causing problems with their blood circulation and other body fluids, it can also over stimulate the mammary glands. This may cause inflation, irritation and other unsavory stuff. Now, add the deodorant which sometimes people use even when sores or rashes show up under the armpits, the body creams or anything chemical or intrusive used around that area. Those glands will be extremely busy trying to clear out all that accumulated toxic residues, lymphs will swell up trying to absorb any of these “leftovers” to keep them from harming the region even further and so on… This allows the mammary area to be weakened by passing days, weeks, months, years.


These conditions will give rise to possible cancer development if the person’s constitution has been weakened enough to allow such manifestation.

Preventing this condition is extremely easy. The choice of Bras and products to use is still ours to make. Although many product brands perform wonders regarding refreshing odors (don’t forget you are blocking your body from eliminating turbid fluids and keeping them inside instead when you use deodorants), but be sure that no matter the brand or the bio/ecological label you find on the bottle, they are still chemical and will trigger a reaction. Of course, people can go through their whole life using cosmetica products around the breast area and never have a problem or worries about cancer development. Again, everyone has a different constitution, some of which may respond similar to others and some whom may respond completely different.

For the people that have unhealthy or undisciplined nutritional habits and tend to have upper body deficiencies and/or syndromes, can be at risk of triggering such conditions, and knowing how to identify these deficiencies and strengthening them instead of weakening will guarantee a life without worries.

Knowing is better than questioning.

There are many easy and simple steps one can take to break the cycle and say Cancer No More… Being conscious of our choices and true discomforts is one of them.

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