The other day At my son’s school I was talking to a few mommy friends when one commented her daughter was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Before I could stop to think, I said “Oh, that’s great!”.

Whoops… some of the moms looked at me a bit confused with my reaction waiting for a justification. So we spoke a little more about the subject and I explain why her daughter is benefiting more from being intolerant to milk than consuming it. It’s literaly, and also proven, that all mammals in nature, including humans, become lactose intolerant after weaning (when breastfeeding or bottling “stops”) and the body stops producing the enzyme that digests lactose (milk sugar, anything ending with “ose” means natural source of sugar). The body becomes more mature and starts producing other digestive enzymes so it can digest foods. Course of nature, everything on its time and quantity, in perfect balance.

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Sometime ago, scientists thought that lactase persistence (opposite to lactose intolerance) evolved shortly after people began consuming dairy products. This is done by examining the age distribution of the milking cow’s teeth. Cattle raised for butchering/meat were and are killed at no more than two years of age, while dairy cows generally live for several years. Also, they have found traces of dairy residue in 8000 years old pottery, and next to it were the fossil teeth of dairy cows. DNA of dairy farmers was also discovered indicating they were all lactose intolerant for thousands of years after they began to consume dairy.

So basically this means we forced our body to mutate, even through sickness and pain caused from ingesting another animal’s  milk, for the sake of taste, flavor and/or crazy cravings.

The oldest direct evidence for lactase persistence is as follows:

5000 BP 31% San Juan Ante Portam Latinam, Basque Country, Spain

4550 BP 10% LP – Pitted Ware culture, Gotland, Sweden

4500 BP 14% Longar, Basque Country, Spain

4250 BP 1% European Bell Beaker

Now, imagine putting our body through the duty of producing extra digestive enzymes  even when it’s naturally not meant to, regardless of how busy it is already with all other adulthood biological and physical needs? It is definitely not adding to a healthy preventive lifestyle, more like subtracting from it. I mean, we don’t see animals in their natural habitats suck milk out of other animals species, have you ever?

With this said and explained, I choose to be lactose intolerant, as well for my children, and husband. What about you, what’s your choice?

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One more thing, maybe the most crucial, Milk can be contaminated with Aflatoxin which are toxins produced by fungi in agricultural environments and it is linked with promoting cancer growth. Aflatoxins are toxic to humans and animals, regardless of whom it is, depending on your constitution and healthy status, it will be harmful…

With all this said, I choose to be lactose intolerant! What is your choice?



Milk doesn’t make your bones strong, unless you are an infant breastfeeding…

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