Do you know why you need to drink pure water?

Not juice, not shakes, no water with flavors, or water with lemon. These don’t count, even though there is some form of water in these options, they are what the body considers turbid fluids.

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Turbid River Water

What are turbid fluids? Well, any kind of fluids your body has to process to absorb or use it. This means you will have to first digest it to actually remove any water percentage out of it. Now, this is very important. For those that already suffer from any discomforts, any, this is a crucial matter, the problem with turbid fluids is that well, their are “dirty”. If you have physical and emotional complains this already means your body is dealing with more than it can handle and process out!

It is still shocking to me when I go out of the house for any purpose whatsoever, I always see people with industrialized drinks and well, basically almost no one (every now and then I spot one or two) with water bottles. It’s a question that pounds my head over and over again… “Why aren’t people drinking water?!”. Media, advertising, promises of vitamins and minerals or an amazing new flavor… maybe. But it all ends on the same origin, choice of consumption!

Back to the subject. Water! Why does our body desperately and singularly needs pure water? Why do we feel thirst? Thirst is just a signal your brain manifests to show some of the fellows bellow are drying up.

These are just a few of the things that majorly need water. Keep in mind, water is everywhere in your body, not just in the vital pieces, but everywhere. Sweat, Saliva, Nails, Hair, so on…


Now that you’ve learned this, do you think you give your body enough water?


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