Can you tell which of the health conditions mentioned below is a Sickness, Illness, and/or Disorder?


Sickness Illness or Disorder

Whatever answer you gave, it’s wrong. All the conditions mentioned above are symptoms and result of your lifestyle choices going against your physical and/or mental state. Of course some of these conditions, if left unattended, at some point they will manifest severe consequences and might even reach a point of no turning back. But before it does so, there are always ways to push that restart button and boost your body with all the essencial tools, setting it on a path of recovery and self-healing, as well assist with any medical procedures or treatments you might come accross with.

As I mentioned before, the path to healing from any ailment is to first and foremost FIX WHAT IS CAUSING IT, even if you already are undergoing any medical procedures, once that is out of the way, everything else becomes easier to “fix”, sometimes the body’s foundation recovers its strength to a point of resolving any last standing problems injuring your health. Have you, someone you know, and/or read/heard of someone who had recovered from a diagnosed condition without going through extreme pharmaceutical and medical intervention methods? There are many beautiful and powerful stories that can be found on the internet about people facing health problem phases and overcoming them.

Self-Checklist PC copy

A couple of things these amazing people have in common is that at some point they become aware in a very inner perspective the world they have built around them and the results brought upon them, and the changes they make in their lifestyle choices. That includes nutrition, routines, sometimes even changing careers, relationships, basically renovating most, if not all old habits. Above you can notice a small checklist, it serves as the most basic steps to engaging into a balanced and healthy path.

Once you are able to access how and where you are standing today, you have began your journey to an amazing adventure of self-discovery and healing balance.

When your body and mind turn on you and you are left in the middle of a maze of discomforts and unhealthy encounters, your body is basically telling you it is tired and it’s taking more hits than it can deal with. Give your body the break it needs…






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