How are your Nutritional Habits doing you lately? How can you tell when you are making the wrong choices when you go out for groceries?

Above you can see some common symptoms and diseases directly related to nutritional problems.

Nutrition, as you read before on PC vol.1, plays an extremely and major role when it comes to your general health state. If you use the wrong fuel in a car, it will run, but at some point it will get damaged and then you will need to take it to the repairshop, and spend even more time and money than if you had given it the right fuel at the gas station… Samething happens to our body when we feed it the “wrong” foods.

By wrong foods I mean antiphysiological, processed (when we cook our meals, it becomes processed as well because we are changing it’s natural state/form/taste, it’s very important not to overcook the food and to not use too many herbs or add-ons), unnatural food.

So how can you spot bad habits in the kitchen or during mealtimes? Here is a basic example:


These are basic markers that must be considered before you engage on your cooking routine. Acknowledging and being conscious of our nutritional choices and how to handle our food is the first step into a path full of harmony and balance!



Is your grocery list healthy but you are still facing or having some trouble in the kitchen or going through an ill phase? How can you adjust your nutritional habits to best suit your health needs? Do you wish to learn how to give your body the tools it needs to recover from an injury, surgery, medical procedure, chronic/degenerative disorders by adjusting your Nutritional Choices?

Are you on your path to learning a little bit more about food? Learn more about how to make better nutritional choices and have a life changing experience with Online PC Coaching!

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