“Everyone is an unique version of themselves, what one reflects, the other one cannot…” 

First, you need to understand what ACNES are…

There are no miracle treatments out there for this situation. Yes, there are many pharmaceutical and dermatological “solutions” to the so called Acne disorder. But people please, you can’t expect that just because your skin looks better after the treatment that you have solved the problem. On the contrary, you have just masked the problem, removed it’s consequences from sight. Whatever triggered your Acne erruption is still in you, and if you are covering it up with a blanket of chemicals, you will, at some point in life, have to deal with more than just an Acne “problem”…

Those who think that have no time for health, will sooner or later have to find time to deal with illness…

– Edward Stanley

It is not a disorder, it is not a disease, it doesn’t have an ending period, it’s not hormonal (sometimes) but there is no such thing as the “hormonal acne disorder”. The begining of an Acne breakdown or a minor Acne erruption is exactly like any other sickness… the body is holding up more garbage than it can recycle and/or remove (urine, defecation, sweat…) and after a while holding up the fortress, it cracks and there you go. Acne is simply a reaction from your body from all the toxins it’s dealing with.

For example, if you don’t drink enough water to assist your body in purifying turbid (dirty) liquids it produces or sucks out from digestion processes, blood cleansing process and many others, besides the fact your skin will become drier by the day, your skin will serve as a second detoxing tool by helping eliminate these dirty stuff. Sometimes it can become as bad as irritated, swollen cysts, growing in many different parts of the body, including face.

Keep in mind that water to our body is not just a refreshing drink. On the contrary, water nourishes and lubricates firstly your the main areas of your body (what keeps is vital) ex. blood/organs, then it goes to other tissues such as (order of most absorption to least) muscles, ligaments, tendons, and so on and on. Did you know, even the cells in your body contain water too, well they don’t make it out of thin air you can be sure of that, they absorb it from the amount of water you drink.

Okay, so now we have 2 things happening here as a result of not drinking enough water which will for sure make your skin react upon. .

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A. The skin is drying up, depending on your constitutional build (this means that everyone is different, so how your body manifests and when it does is different to everyone, but  at the end of the line, acnes originate from the same cause) your oil glands will produce more oil to keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and for other reasons. (let’s not do biology/anatomy lesson right now….)

B. Your skin is more vulnerable to absorbing and accumulating dead skin cells, oil excess, bacteria (they love and ploriferate in these kind of environments), and other components which I like to call our body’s garbage.

There you go, that is all you need to plant the seed of skin disorders to rise to the surface of your skin. To add on top of that, you got what we do to our daily body, our eating habits (oily foods, food additives and chemicals, sugar blasted products, little to none raw/natural foods, little to no exercise… everything our body wasn’t meant to go through) and BAM! You are facing an epidemic, an outrageous breakout right before prom, or that job promotion, or that date you have been waiting for ages! Whatever the reason, it seems to happen in the most inconvenient of times, perhaps Murphy’s law?!

SO wrong! Emotions are also a part of this annoying recipe and can definitely trigger an acne outbreak as the last drop in that bucket about to overflow, afterall emotions walk hand in hand with our hormonal balance, produces chemical reactions in our body and can change the pH (acidic) level of our body. Read the article about “The Primary Reason of Cancer vol.1” for more information about pH levels and consequences of creating disbalance with this scale!

Now to the challenge. Balance your skin’s health. Regardless of your skin condition, these are the first steps you need to take before engaging into any needed dermatological treatment, or if you are seeking to regain a healthy reflection, or assist on a skin treatment you are already going through. Treat the cause then the rest is easier to deal with.





I. Before you begin, write down your goals. What do you want to achieve with the changes you will make. Will you truly commit to what it takes to achieve these goals?

II. CHANGE YOUR BAD HABITS: Anytime you feel thirsty, drink water and only water. Forget all other liquids with miracle advertising, flavored water, juices… Just water. Anything else that isn’t water doesn’t count.

III. To help you keep track of how much water you are drinking per day, chose a 1 liter bottle of your choice and decorate it (or not). This bottle will become your best friend from now on. Carry it around you wherever you go. Every time it empties, that is 1lt you’ve just drank! Voilá!

Hit that 3 Liter marker if possible, if not, keep it minimum to 2lts or more.

IV. FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: Drink water. No lemon + water, or warm water, or tea, or juice, specially not coffee. Drink room temperature water!

V. Drink 1 Bottle during the MORNING, another one in the AFTERNOON, and another one at NIGHT. Avoid drinking water 1hr prior sleeping. No one likes to wake up in the evening to go to the toilet… =)


KEEP IN MIND: You will increase the visits to the toilet, and that is exactly what is expected. The more water that passes through your body and out, the more “garbage” it will carry with it. Also your bladder is probably not used to stretching so much, so it will need some time to adjust itself, but don’t worry, after the first week or so it will be much better.

If you would like to share your before and after pictures, write me an e-mail with these together with your story and be part of an aware and healthy community.




To Be Continued…

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