At some point in life we look in the mirror and start noticing things that we wish weren’t there and begin to compare ourselves to our younger years, or worse, to other women and/or men. Or maybe we have to deal with acne, eczema, black/whiteheads or someother skin condition that began developing maybe too early in life or when you thought you were all figured out already.


There are those whom are born with the genes of a beautiful skin!

That is so wrong… There is no such thing, but it is true that some people are born with a strong constitution, some with a soso constitution, and some with weak constitution. That is what makes the biggest difference here. It all goes back to our parents, our parents’ parents, and so on. The way our parents have been raised and raised themselves (lifestyle, nutritional choices, basically everything that made them who they are as a person and as an individual) sums up to our inherit constitution, something that is totally different than the term mostly used “genetic”. It simply means that the health and emotional state our parents are in before, and during conception, plays a major role in our own inherited physical and emotional state.

Yes, it goes way back, that far back. Then we are born, inheriting all the benefits and/or consequences of our parents constitutions and actions. I will later write an article about how genetics and inherit constitution works, and how they walk in hand to hand.

Making it short, for now, how our body is nurtured during our childhood, the habits we learn from our culture and family, and some (a lot) help from external influences, we plot the ground of how strong and balanced our physical state will be and carry us through life. Everything that manifests outside of us, for the naked eye to see, is a reflection, actually, it is a consequence of whatever state your body is internally.

Yes, there are people who have peach perfect skin, and you can be sure that they are definitely doing something right, whether is water drinking, healthy or more green eating than processed, maybe they are outdoor (physically active people), and if you ask, so are their parents. Whatever it is they are doing is definitely giving their body the push to keep itself balanced enough not to have the need to erupt toxins, heat, fluids, and others out through your skin.

It’s understandable that also there are some conditions that are exceptions to these dilemna, these conditions can be genetically formed or deformaties developed during pregnancy, but nonetheless, mainting and assisting the body with the right tools to help sustain a comfortable healthy balance state will definitely reflect on your skin condition and sometimes even help treat it, or maintain it at bay.

What can you do when you come accross a phase that suddenly you look in the mirror and say…. OMG! Or maybe you just wish your skin looked brighter, glowing, hidrated, young? Smaller pores, anyone? Less of a strawberry looking nose?

I know for sure that I did, more than once… At first, I would just blame my skin, or some product I used in the attempt to make my skin look better, or maybe a dish I ate that might had been too much… Everything, anything but myself. At some point I started to realize that most of the choices I was making were playing a major role on my skin condition.

I had acne phases, whiteheads, oily skin, dry skin, sometimes even days my face skin looked a bit saggy =p … There was a long road of researching DIY techniques with promised miracle results, or products with amazing reviews… Out of personal experience I have to say that whether it would get too expansive to continue using one technique or some DIY techniques would show some results but it wouldn’t take long till my body reacted and started showing side effects of those too.

There was definitely an answer, a way to improve my skin. With the years of studying and acquiring more experience on my professional field, plus my own experiences as mentioned above, I finally learned. It was all me. How I was feeling, eating, drinking, doing, hobbying about… They all where affecting me inside and out.

Little by little I began to literally observe the way I would do things and not long enough after that, some crucial changes were needed to be made. This is a Preventive Care approach, remove all basic possibilities of a weak foundation to then rebuild it!

Now getting to nice basic pointers:


Drink Water

First and foremost… I noticed my water intake was around 1,5lts per day, and that my friends is veeeery little compared to the necessity of water our body has. So my first step was to raise that number at least an extra liter. BAM! Done. After a few weeks, besides drinking more than 3lts unnoticeably some other days, my skin had less irritated (red, swollen) pores on my face than there had been in a while and my pigmentation looked more neutral.


Eat Good

Second… Am I truly eating good, despite of healthy ingredients choices? Am I having too many cheat days (these are the days that me and my family give ourselves the luxuery of eating something that you wouldn’t find growing on a tree)? Yes, there were adjustments I needed to make on our menu, including how long I cooked my food for, how to mix my ingredients, say my goodbyes to certain products I used or ate. Here is a hint from start! DON’T eat any, and I literally mean ANY products in the morning that you can trace back to an animal, not even milk. Specially if you are having an outbreak phase or eczema season, or whatever skin condition, minimize your animal product consumption to the least possible, specially during your breakfast (including eggs, bacon, margarine, butter, milk, cheeses…). Well I guess there will definitely be an article about this too =)


Bad Good Habits

Third… Bad habits, anyone? We already live in an intoxicated environment… water with weird stuff in it to make it useable for us to use and drink, pollulated air, toxic products we use daily over our skins (perfumns, colones, creams, soaps, and others, people these are all chemically produced somewhere in a laboratory, they are not bottled papaya fruit for sure, so don’t illude yourself thinking that all these things we put on our bodies won’t affect us somehow inside) germs/bacteria/viruses, lots of them like everywhere! We can add to that our own bad habits that we may sometimes acquire a taste for like smoking, drinking (any industrialized drink, not just alcohol), no type of exercising habits, make-up, bla bla bla. Poor skin, must be tiring and an awful job to be someone’s skin…


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bad hygiene

Fourth… Hygiene. Never forget this one, in any aspect regarding your health, hygiene will always be there on the watch. If you don’t clean, you will look dirty, same for skin. Do you wash your food? Do you drink clean water? Do you shower everyday on the right time (for example not before an activity but mainly after the activity)? Do you wash your face anytime during the day or does that happen during your shower time only? Now this is very logical, if you don’t keep your face clean, there will be more dirt on it, more pores will get dirty with this “invisible” dirt, more pores will get bigger to hold that dirt in and keeping it from coming inside our body… then there is the oil our skin makes to protect it, and there is this and that. Guess what? You don’t really have to know about all that scientific proven stuff if you just keep you and your space clean. No complications =)

Mmmm what else, ow yes, touching your face!

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Five… Touching it. Stop it, it’s there, you don’t need to rub it to make sure it’s not falling off! Don’t touch your face unless is one of those power itches… I guess you can be excused to scratch. But don’t poke, squeeze, rub, pinch, plaster your hands all over your face. If you ever get the chance of testing your hand in a lab and/or putting it under an amazingly powerful hand microscope, do you. You will be amazed with the crap that is there…



These are THE BASIC 5 rule of having a good, healthy and perky skin, and along the way your overall health will thank you as well! You can find your solutions around pharmaceuticals and dermatological answers, but neither will substitute the fact that there is a cause that summed up to your skin condition. It’s extremely simple to be conscious of our choices, especially because we are the ones making them. So be conscious and start from the beginning by asking yourself, how are you doing your life instead of how your life is doing…

Once you get these down and running, persist, persist, persist. Takes some time to break old (very old) habits, but once you persist, there will also come a time that all becomes second nature, just like knowing tomorrow the sun will rise again.

On my following post on Natural Beauty (BC) Care, I will share with you guys (man and/or women) amazing cleansing and boosting techniques to give that extra hand in rejuvenating your skin and bringing it’s healthy glow back. All techniques are Preventive Care methods, and only natural/organic products are used for these.


…Would you like to receive advise on how to treat your skin condition on an Online Skype session? Send me a message through the Contact Page and schedule your Skype session. Intake sessions are free…

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