To have a clean, healthy and natural white smile is not as hard as it seems. On my journey to finding out what was best for my mouth, I came accross so many techniques, some which were extremely weird and questionable, to some information that truly made a difference when it came to feeling like smiling comfortably and without a reason.

A. Eat healthy and leave aside the processed foods.
 B. Drink WATEEEER! Most efficient and natural mouth wash there is 😉
NOTE: Keep it simple, if any of the tips and hints below end up being not what you are looking for, look for a good Dentist and seek a secondary professional opnion. Don’t use DIY recipes that contain too many ingredients, foil, duck tape, or weird things that you normally wouldn’t put in your mouth.



To ensure you are scrubbing right, and to make it easier, investing on an electric toothbrush, it will surely do the job!

Brush your teeth: Ok, some of us want to escape the most tedious thing as brushing your teeth, but guys, there is no way around it, you have to, at least twice a day. Trust me when I say, in my earlier years, I tried to go around the brushing because some days I just “didn’t have the time”, so I would comfort my guilt by flossing, or toothpicking my teeth clean, and as you can imagine with time my teeth started to show the obvious signs of neglection. There is absolutely nothing ou there, no miracle work that can substitute the fact your teeth need brushing, and everyday. So suck it up and just do it. 2 minutes (twice a day), 4 minutes in your 24hrs schedule, 1min top teeth and 1min bottom teeth. You can do it, and after some persistence with this routine, your mouth will start missing the brushing and you will be doing it like its second nature.




Toothpaste Amount
Just a pea size of toothpaste is enough!

A good toothpaste: Now this is also extremely crucial. Can you believe there are toothpaste sold to the public that actually increase bad health conditions to your mouth such as staining and weaking your teeth’s natural protection? Well there are, and these are full of sugars, colorants and a few other unlabelled ingredients. I found my toothpaste, and although it looks expensive, one tube lasts about almost 4 months. So, at the end of the day, it’s still a mega bargain! Choose wisely, and to give a little help, checkout the post “Dental Care (DC) vol.3 – Toothpaste Enigma“.


Baking Soda + Lemon
Always use fresh lemons and baking soda, don’t reuse the same mix on the following day.

Baking Soda and Lemon: Best two over-the-counter ingredients that you will need if you wish to have whiter looking teeth. Measurements and quantity are always something that gives us a huge question mark. How much of it to use/mix together? Watch the video bellow to get a few pointers on that. Keep in mind how big your teeth are to measure how much you will need of each ingredient. You DON’T need much.


1st: Brush and do a quick rinse before applying the mix.

2nd. Make the mix and have a couple of cottonswaps ready for use.

3rd. Gently, and I mean GENTLY spread the mix over your teeth (notice I wrote spread not rub, you teeth can be more delicate than you think). If the cottonswap is too soaked up, use a new one.

4th. Smile for about 1 minute (works great for your facial muscles too =)

5th. Rinse with room temperature water, not cold, not warm or hot.

– video coming soon –



Pick what feels good!

Occasional Flossing and Toothpicking: If I do one one day, I do the other the next day. It actually became quite a relaxing habit to just sit somewhere around the house, or lay down on the floor, to do either of these. It’s almost a meditating exercise, at the same time I’m doing this, I allow my mind to wonder aimlessly through memories, things I want to do, how I am feeling… Hey, whatever works to keep the good habits going! Find what grooves with you and add healthy preventive care techniques together with it.



Salt and Water
Choose whatever salt floats your boat!

Daily mouth wash with Salt: This is the last secret ingredient. It’s a wonderful and simple technique that makes the biggest difference when it comes to keeping the mouth healthy, and best of all, it’s always available in your own kitchen. Trust me, you need this, after trying out many many things, after a couple of years I realized that this little mix was the golden key to having the smile I wished to give. The thing about salt is that its antibacterial, softens harden leftovers, cleanses colorants from foods, strengthens your mouth’s defenses against cavities and others. With a cup of room temperature water (I like to make the water a bit warm, feels good to my mouth) and a tea spoon of salt or more, if you prefer, and shake shake shake it! One minute is good enough, I have to say I like doing it up to the moment I feel my jaw muscles getting tired (a little muscle exercise while I am at it).




I will write a future article about this whitening procedures and their effects on your health, as well as to some people’s wallets.

The point is, it is not necessary to make a drama film out of a very simple situation which is just what you’ve read. Be conscious of your choices and make a change for improvement, there are many ways that you can take care of yourself, prevent discomforts and avoid extreme medicinal/dental procedures.


If you smile when no one is around, you really mean it.

– Andy Roonie


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