Time to shine! But first, here is a little something for you guys to understand where it all starts, when does the mouth begin to go towards a not so shiny and healthy path to even developing severe dental problems.

How can someone make sure that their mouth problems are not due to their own faulty  (sometimes extremely unconsciously) lifestyle decisions? Does anyone truly know what affects their teeth and gum’s health without going through bad mouth health conditions or the need of a Dentist appointment to find out what, why and how to stop it? Can someone ever escape the claws of a Tooth drill, or that awkwardly but painless (not always) tooth scrubbing pressure?! Ai ai ai….

Now people, please do keep in mind that we are constantly using our mouths, our mouths are more out there on the run than our own feet! Be conscious to the fact that if you are putting anything in your mouth, and I mean anything (note: nothing is of transparent color), this something will somehow, whether for good or bad, affect your mouth status. On the Slideshow bellow you will find a list of some of the most basic items we consume, sometimes daily, that directly affect the health and beauty of our smile. Of course there are other severe or biological (disease/disorders) causes which I will not get into details here simply due to the fact that before something becomes degenerative (state of deformation, visible to the naked eye), it starts off in a simple state of neglection due to lack of truly knowing what we are doing and why, or even when we do notice a difference we simply ignore it, busy day/ busy life? Maybe….


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This list doesn’t have a priority or an order of what affects the most or less, they all affect your mouth condition somehow, here is a more detailed description:

  1. Toothpaste: Toothpaste, ow dear toothpaste. Have you ever stopped and stargazed at the toothpaste section at a store like it was an unknown galaxy? Or picked the first one your eyes layed on and just purchasing it? Or even the cheapest (I would)? Dear friends, this is crucial, toothpaste matters, a lot of the pastes out there are an extremely nasty mix of sugars, aromatic crap, conserving chemicals and low quality medicinal ingredients, some of which are totally chemical. Find more info about this on “Dental Care (DC) – Toothpaste Enigma” article.
  2. Mouth Hygiene: Do you spend days without a shower? Do you take a mud bath or even swim in a puddle of unknown liquids or dirty water and decide to spend the rest of the day without rinsing out? Do you bath in a pan of soup? Pretend your teeth are a person just like you, if you ever decide not to clean yourself, expect to see some nasty changes and become your own cavity! Eww.
  3. Natural Drinks: Love them!!! Yes I personally do, but hey, they are colorful and full of delicious healthy fibers. Just because it’s natural and has water, doesn’t mean it won’t make a canvas with your enamel (tooth’s shiny canvas). Just try out finger painting with juices on a platic table of tapoeir, even after a few hours or days, the color stays right? Well same with our teeth, the only major difference is that since fruit juice are natural, you can easily rinse them off with a little mouth wash or water drinking. But if you don’t like the rinsing, or “occasional” brushing, don’t complain when your teeth start to stain and look like sunflower petals by stating: “But I only eat/drink organic foods!”
  4. Processed Drinks: Ow mine, ow mine, the things I have to say to these food industries about this bottled body decaying products…. So I will just keep it simple, if you are looking for a healthy mouth and sunshine smile, STAY AWAY FROM THESE!
  5. All Packed Foods: Does your grocery basket look more like it’s ready to stock up for doomsday than an afternoon at the park or in nature, then buddy, we’ve got a problem. Not only these products help deplete your mouth’s natural protecting properties (tool up), but also they will kill your body somehow or somewhere, either one is sure to happen. For every unnatural, processed, packed product, a cell in your body will loose it’s oxygen and DIE! Don’t freak out, this happens constantly, but cells are also produced or even regenerated, the only problem is if you consume too much “dead food”, at some point you will have to consider your body’s natural regeneration properties will find it harder and harder to keep up. Conscious choices everyone, conscious! Unless you are having a trip and there is no way possible, at all, to get any nature provided foods, you should probably consider the fact there is a good reason why these packed foods don’t spontaneously grow out of trees.
  6. Emotions: Emotions, oh lalala, yes emotions can change your gum’s strength and quality, leading to an unhealthier smile and letting your teeth become more vulnerable to becoming unhealthy. Now why is that? Emotions also create chemical reactions in our body, and depending on the state even change the pH level (acidic) of our fluids, this and a few other things together, with time can irritate and injure your gums, giving infections, opened sores and etc.
  7. Smoking, any kind of smoking: Well, not much too say about this than the obvious.  POISON in a pack, anyone? And a plus, the smoke inhaled from the cigarette is very hot. Ever wondered why our eyes burns when smoke hits it? Imagine your teeth, gums, tongue, entire mouth, being cooked every hour or so of every day for the next, mmm I don’t know, how long do you plan to smoke anyways?! Do you like well done, in this case, I prefer to have mine rare!
  8. Bottled Juices: Juice lovers! All bottled juices sold at any store you can think of, even the biological, ecological, organic stuff, they all have additives, including colorants to keep the juices looking “fresh”. If you drink anything that is bottled or bought from a store shelf, it’s definitely a tooth decayer! Try it out yourself, buy whatever bottle juice (that was not squeezed in front of you), go home, make the same juice with all natural products and NO added sugar, leave both juices in different glass cups over the night. What is happening there the next day?! Please use the comment space below and leave your shocking story, I would love to hear about your experience in this simple science project 🙂 It’s always a shocker when I do it, yes, I still do it to feel amazed with the differences from store to nature products!


On my next Dental Care (DC) post, I will share with you techniques you can make use of, with Smile and Fruithome products, to treat, prevent, cure, and keep your mouth healthy.  These are techniques that should always be used even if you have already developed a mouth disorder, especially if you have developed a mouth disorder. These techniques are PC (Preventive Care), besides strengthening, these techniques also prepare the body for healing, if not, to heal the problem.

NOTE: when degenerative disorders are present, don’t forget to consult your Dentist to attend the issue, use techniques to aid procedures at the Dentist appointments, and give your mouth the tools it needs to heal better and faster.

Curious to hear about your experience!!

Tchau, tchau


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