So, what is up with this toothpaste deal?

Brands, specifications, prices… It is such a huge mix of products that one can begin to wonder, are my teeth that complicated? Makes one feel almost as if he/she is too ignorant to know or understand what is best for their mouth, leaving a huge door open to random choices or even the wrongest choice towards their dental care. I myself would just feel impatient at some point and pick sometimes the cheapest, or what looked ok enough for my understanding.

Ow boy, how wrong was I. Now a days is easy to research on the internet what toothpastes are “better” than others and whatnot, but now also we have the problem of too much information being offered. It is even easier to make our own healthy/whitening effect toothpaste, than to actually buy one that we can begin to understand.

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Never the less. If you still prefer to buy your paste, here are a few “always to consider” tips before passing through the register.

Take a note that the extent of natural ingredient here is not the same as nature natural but the less, let’s call it, “toxic” to your mouth. After all, it is only natural to say that whatever is lab produced is an unnatural substance to nature, therefore, to us…

A. Know your what you want. There are a few different types of toothpaste out there, and a way to find out which kind of toothpaste you’ve being purchasing is to take a look at the tail tag color, have you ever noticed it before? Well they give you important info about the kind of ingredients used to make your toothpaste.

B. Stick to one type of toothpaste. Sometimes we are too impatient to wait for the promised results from product labels, or even get bored of using the same toothpaste over and over again, leading us to always switch around what toothpaste we use, sometimes even using a different toothpaste everytime we finish a tube. Well, don’t. Stick to one type, one brand of toothpaste. I would say that 2 months on the same toothpaste would allow your mouth to fully benefit from its cleansing properties and using a toothpaste type/brand a lesser time than that would be useless for any hygienical goals. Another thing to consider, this switching around can actually irritate your mouth from all the different paste recipes you are feeding it, think of it this way, would you switch around the fuel of your car everytime you need to pump gas into it? Mmmmm, no, I don’t think so.

Using the same toothpaste type/brand will allow you to access the quality of that toothpaste and how well it treats your smile. Only then you can decide if that is the toothpaste of your toothfairy dreams or if you should start your quest for another type or brand.

C. Cheap is good, but not as much for your Toothfairy. This basically means that we can’t pennypinch our way through life and have literaly no consequences at all. For some products, in our health’s sake, we need to invest a little. Yes, it can suck, a lot for some toothpastes can go over our budget in the snap of two fingers. But the investment always pays off. One person using one tube of toothpaste can use a tube every 3 months or so without running out, spending less than €5 every trimester in toothpaste. There are also those promotions where you can buy one and get one for free, pft, talking about minimum expenses here. Just be smart, and keep in mind, for your smile, quality equals health.

You know how nice it looks on those TV comercials when the toothpaste is squeezed perfectly onto the toothbrush, that nice thick smooth layer of paste that almost resembles an ocean wave of freshness? Well unless you have horse teeth, and I mean literaly, that is waaaaaay too much paste, you literaly need as much as a pea size drop of toothpaste to do the job. So if you are a good consumer and not a waster, you won’t be loosing a cent in this quality deal. Not to mention the cheaper brands are loaded with sugar (yes, sugaaar) and other components which actually help deplete your mouth hygiene and health, staining them more and weakening the enamel of your teeth.

Mmmm, I think that covers it, all basic points pointed out! What other basic things did I miss, feel like sharing? Well, curious to know, so write up and share your experience!

– Tchau tchau

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