The Primary Cause of Cancer was discovered in 1931! Why wasn’t it released to the public?


Note that Hippocrates (460 to 377BC) was right when he said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”and in a matter of moments, you will find out why.

Did you know that in the year 1931 a scientist received the Nobel Prize for discovering the PRIMARY CAUSE OF CANCER? But wait a second, if the cause has already been discovered, why haven’t we discovered the cure?

Otto Heinrich Warburg
Discovered the origin of cancer… – Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970)

Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970). Now this fellow made a difference in the world that barely anyone knows of.  He won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his thesis “The Primary Cause and the Prevention of Cancer”. According to this Scientist, Cancer is the consequence of an anti-physiological diet and an anti-physiological lifestyle. This basically means leading a life not naturally meant for the human body, in other words, processed and lazy.

Why? … because an anti-physiological diet (food based on acidifying foods) + sedentarism (in other words, lazyness to actively move), creates an extremely acidic environment in our body. The ACIDITY in turn “burns” out the OXYGEN from the cells. Now this is extremely alarming. He said: “Lack of oxygen and acidity are two sides of the same coin: when you have one, you have the other one as well.” That is, if you have an excess in internal acidity, then automatically your body is lacking oxygen levels!

Another interesting statement: “Acidic substances repel oxygen, while alkaline substances attract oxygen“. Simply means that an acidic environment is an oxygen-free environment. He also stated that: “Depriving a cell of 35% of its oxygen quantity for 48 hours can make it carcinogenic“.

Still, according to Warburg: “All normal cells have an absolute requirement of oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception!” Also: “Cancerous tissues are acid tissues, while healthy tissues are alkaline tissues“.

In his work “The Metabolism of Tumors”, Warburg demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis (blood acidity) and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). He also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and CANNOT survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen; in return, cancerigeous cells survive through Glycolosis* whenever the environment is oxygen free… Therefore, cancer would be nothing more than a defense mechanism that allows certain cells in the body to continue living in an acidic and oxygen-depleted environment.

*Glycolosis: first step the body takes into breaking down sugars to transform them into usable energy for the body.



Healthy cells live in an alkaline and oxygenated environment, which allows their normal functioning VS. Cancer cells live in an extremely acidic and oxygen-depleted environment.

Gerelateerde afbeelding


Once the digestion process is completed, depending on the quality of protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals and vitamins the food you consumed provides to your body, whether it will promote levels of acidity or alkalined in the body to be higher or lower. That is, it depends SOLELY on what you eat!

The acidifying or alkalizing results are measured through a scale called pH, whose values ​​are between 0 to 14, PH 7 being a “neutral” pH.

It is important to know how acidic and alkaline foods affect health, since in order for cells to function properly, your pH levels should be slightly alkaline. In a healthy person, the pH of the blood is between 7.40 and 7.45. An extra piece of information to make things interesting, take into account that if the pH levels of the blood dropped below 7.0, we would go into a “near death” coma state.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Here is a small list of “FOODS” that promote acidic levels in our body to rise:

  • Refined sugar and all its by-products – worst of all: it has no protein, no fats, no minerals, no vitamins, only refined carbohydrate, which presses the pancreas. Its PH is 2.1 ie highly acidifying
  • Meat – all
  • Cow’s milk and all its derivatives – cheeses, curd cheese, yoghurts, etc.
  • Refined salt
  • Refined flour and all its derivatives – pastas, cakes, biscuits, etc.
  • Bakery products – most contain saturated fat, margarine, salt, sugar and preservatives
  • Margarines
  • Soft drinks
  • Caffeine – coffee, black tea, chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Medicine (yes, that is right, all those bottled up tictac looking pills including antibiotics)
  • Any overcooked food – cooking removes oxygen and transforms into acid, including cooked vegetables, the more you cook it, the more useless it is to eat it, well at least for your body.

Anything containing preservatives, colorings, flavorings, stabilizers, etc. Anyway, all packed (canned, bottled, boxed) and industrialized (processed) foods. The blood is constantly self-regulating to keep itself on check not to fall into metabolic acidity, this way the body guarantees cellular functioning, optimizing our metabolism. The organism MUST obtain from the food we consume the base (minerals) to neutralize the acidity of the blood metabolization, but the foods mentioned above contribute very little, in fact, these foods demineralize our organism (especially the refined ones). One must take into account that in the modern lifestyle, these foods are consumed at least 3 times a day, 365 days every year!



Curiously, all of these foods mentioned are ANTIPHYSIOLOGICAL, or you can call it simply POISON, but hey it looks good, it smells good, and plus why would something not good for the human race be out to sell without any warning signs or caution labels? Our body was not designed to consume or even come accross such things. After all, if we take a peak on how things run in nature, we definitely won’t find a HotDog tree walking towards a Donut cave.


To be continued…


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